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The Sacred Treasure Within

If we listen closely to the whispery call drawing us ever closer to our most ancient primal self, our exquisite origins, we might hear the warm, sweet, yet powerful home of the luminous heart. Riding the easeful nonetheless purposeful current, we catch a glimpse of something attractive. Inspired to know more, we dive a little deeper.

With golden rays of the highest intelligence lighting our path, we discover an increasing mandalic array, of opening to another and yet another door. The seemingly empty void reveals its richness and becomes a playground for the mind, body, and senses. The heart bursts open with delight, it literally takes our breath away. We taste and imbibe the depth of our sumptuous self within the vibrating silence.

Steeping in the nourishment of our churning consciousness, opening, releasing, inner shifting, we are naturally realigned and rearranged. Removing accumulated residue of debris and dirt while strengthening and overhauling our essential components, a better version of ourselves is being devised.

The greatest values of consciousness rise up and stream out into every level of our individuality. We are re-acquainted with our strength, intelligence, creativity, and love. And with our new confidence in tow, self-doubt and self-recriminations begin to lessen and dissolve away. We are then astonished when we master and attain what we previously thought impossible.

The kind of love we’ve always yearned for spills out infusing our speech, eyes, thoughts, feelings, our breath. We receive love and offer love like never before. And then we pinch ourselves to see if this is only a dream. But it a beautiful reality and within everyone’s reach. To know and live this mysterious sacred treasure is to know and live your highest, brightest, and most authentic self. No more seeking, no more searching, so why wouldn’t you?

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