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Jody is a great yoga teacher. She is warm, personable, knowledgeable, patient, and when the moment requires it, challenging. I first met Jody in late 2008 or early 2009, when I was a novice at yoga. Jody guided me from beginner to a place where I was proud of my yoga practice, teaching me not just poses, but some of the philosophical attitudes of yoga. Whether the class was small or large, we still received personal attention and care. It is due to Jody that I could walk out of yoga class and look at the sky and consider its color heightened.”

- Stuart

Whether it’s meditation or yoga, Jody is very dedicated to her craft, observant of individuals in her classes and cares about your individual well-being. She continuously updates her skill sets with professionals across the country (or world) and transfers this enhanced knowledge base to her students and class participants. Jody is looking out for you. 

- Peter

I am experiencing many rewards for my yoga practice, both physical and mental. I started taking yoga about a year and a half ago, just after the birth of my second daughter. I have enjoyed a huge improvement in my strength and flexibility that makes me feel great and, I believe, prevents me from getting hurt in all of my other physical activities. Yoga has also guided me towards being more in touch with my body and the connection between my mind and body. I thoroughly enjoy the combination of peacefulness, focus and effort yoga requires – it is the perfect antidote to my daily life with two small children! Jody is an outstanding teacher; she provides an experienced and supportive environment to learn and practice in. She ensures that your alignment within each pose is correct, preventing injury and ensuring you’re learning the poses correctly. Jody has also challenged me to meet my potential in a nurturing way, helping me advance the level of my yoga practice. I recommend Jody to all my friends and I think everyone can benefit from yoga!

- Liz

This summer I attended beginner yoga classes with Jody Kesten at the New Canaan YMCA. I had never done yoga before, but with Jody‘s enthusiasm, knowledge and encouragement I look forward to every class. I have been a school teacher for many years and understand that it takes a very special person to be a great educator. Jody is a dynamic, thoughtful and caring teacher. I highly recommend her for any classes.

- Harriet

Jody brings real enthusiasm to teaching yoga. She continually enhances her knowledge of yoga through readings, professional workshops and retreats.

- Anonymous student

My wife and I have worked with Jody as a yoga instructor for over three years. We take the yoga class at home usually once a week on Saturdays. Jody is a terrific yoga teacher. We both were new to yoga and Jody has now made yoga an integral part of our lives. She is very knowledgeable on the subject, sets high standards for herself and her students, and is a very attentive and effective coach. Most importantly she is highly passionate about her work and has the ability to transfer that energy and enthusiasm to her students. She gets the right combination of being a challenging yet motivating coach. Jody takes her own yoga training very seriously and constantly updates her skills and capabilities through attending advanced programs. Jody has been a real pleasure to work with. She has high integrity and is very dependable and punctual. We eagerly look forward to our Saturday yoga class with her! I would recommend her strongly as an excellent yoga instructor.

- Ivan

Jody was my first yoga teacher ever and I am so grateful for her teaching. I have such happy memories… [my friend and I] both made great progress and had so much fun. I am forever grateful for the gift you gave us!

- Linda

I have been receiving yoga instruction from Jody for a little over a year, at the New Canaan YMCA, initially as a beginner, then at an intermediate or open level. I look forward every week to Jody‘s class. She sets the atmosphere, and then leaves us with knowledge and consideration. She challenges those who can be challenged, and helps those who need to be helped. I come away from every class feeling mentally uplifted and physically more limber. I recommend Jody‘s class to anyone.

- Peter

Jody differentiates herself from most yoga instructors by taking a personal interest in each participant’s practice. She ensures that our poses are performed correctly.

-  Anonymous Student

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