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Relax and Renew

Join Jody for an empowering session of rolling, exploring, and releasing using massage therapy balls or tennis balls.
You'll learn to identify and strengthen "body blind spots" or areas of the body that are overused, underused, or misused and are potential catalysts for pain and injury. Rolling on Therapy Balls is an easy, portable way to de-stress, improve body awareness, and unlock myofascial restrictions.


Take a deep dive into your anatomy. Learn massage techniques to use whenever and wherever you’d like.

  • Counteract the effects of stress

  • Hydrate muscles

  • Enhance breathing

  • Increase mobility

  • Improve posture and performance.

Jody's signature classes and workshop include: 

BREATH AND CORE: Introduces a variety of breathing strategies to settle you into a parasympathetic dominant state. Breath and Core uses a combination of breath, restorative postures, soothing therapy ball rollouts to promote recovery, resiliency, and flexibility.

Props used: Roll Model® Therapy Balls, but you can use tennis balls or similar self-myofascial release tools.


Image courtesy of Yoga Tune Up® and The Roll Model Method


With extensive training in the Yoga Tune Up® fitness therapy modality, Jody delivers a class that is meant to ease pain, support posture, and strengthen performance. 

This system focuses on the myofascial, the muscles and fascia together, which new research has shown to effectively release or strengthen high tension areas of the body. 


When stretching, strengthening, and simply relaxing our bodies is not enough to bring the deeper healing we seek from old nagging aches and pains, the massage balls usher a shift in those tissues that are reluctant to change. This self-care remedy brings significant relief to those highly charged tension areas that lead to global improvements throughout your body.

Private Instruction

Private "relax and renew" sessions are also available. This is a great way to bring deeper focus and healing to specific areas of the body that may be in pain or discomfort. To schedule a private session, please contact Jody. 

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