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“Every time we step onto our mat, we are transforming, refining, and up leveling our life" - Jody

Jody offers yoga classes that are accessible for all levels, with the intention to inspire and awaken each of us to our highest potential in mind, body, and spirit. In a heartwarming and loving way, classes emphasize proper body alignment, drawing upon Jody’s extensive training in anatomy and biomechanics. Within that structure Jody’s inherent passion for dance and free flowing movements shine through.


Practicing yoga is also a gateway to aligning in more subtle ways that may otherwise be invisible to us. In this way, her classes facilitate the opening of a relationship with the deeper arenas of who we are. Jody often draws upon elegant and authentic teachings from time-tested wisdom traditions to support this deeper inquiry of the Self. 

She seamlessly weaves the spiritual with the scientific to create a holistic and balanced approach in her classes. 


Class Schedule

All classes are located at the New Canaan YMCA. 

*If you are not a member of the YMCA and would like to try a class for free, please contact Jody. 

Restorative and Massage Yoga

Monday 1:15pm


Gentle Yoga

Tuesday 12:00pm

Saturday 11:30am

Open level Vinyasa

Saturday 10:15am 

Sunday 10:30am

Class Descriptions

Massage and Restore

This class uses therapy balls for self-massage in order to release tension, increase range of motion in your joints, and erase pain. This technique helps posture and coordination, calms your nervous system, reduces tension in the whole body, and increases breathing capacity. This class concludes with restorative yoga poses and guided deep relaxation. This style of Yoga is appropriate for students of all experiences and physical needs.

Basic Yoga

New to Yoga? This is a great class to gain a strong foundation of yoga poses while creating strength, flexibility, and awareness of the breath. With clear yet gentle guidance, this class also supports those recovering from, or dealing with an injury.


Open Level Vinyasa

A unique blend of lively yet carefully aligned poses that invoke joy and confidence. This class teaches a mix of traditional sun salutations and skillfully sequenced postures designed to take students to the intermediate level. Classes are moderately paced and typically themed to focus on alignment in a specific pose, body part, and/or form of movement. This class is suitable for many levels as modifications and variations are offered. Meditation often included.

Online Yoga Classes

Yoga and meditation classes are also offered online Tuesdays at 8am and 

Thursdays at 11:30am. Click the button below to learn more and register.

Private Instruction

Jody also offers private instruction in yoga and massage ball therapy at her private studio or in the comfort of your own home. Individualized sessions are recommended if you are: 

  • Just starting yoga and want to learn basic poses and what classes would be best for you

  • Want to know how to adapt your yoga practice for the specific needs of your body and mind

  • Are developing a yoga practice at home and would like routines suited to your needs and interests

  • Want to deepen your practice by working on a particular pose

  • Need specialized scheduling


If you feel that individualized attention best suits your needs, please contact Jody to schedule a private session.

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